An Bord Pleanála / Planning Board
Tel: 1890 275 175
Responsible for the determination of appeals and certain other matters under the Planning and Development Acts, 2000 to 2011.

Bereavement Grants
Tel: 1890 500 000
Social Welfare guide to bereavement grants in Ireland.

Births, Deaths, Marriages, Civil Partnership Registration
Tel: 1890 252 076
The HSE Civil Registration Service.

Blind Pension
Tel: 1890 500 000
Social Welfare guide to blind /low vision persons in Ireland.

Citizens Information
Tel: 01 636 2400
Information on public services and entitlements in Ireland.

Child Benefit
Tel: 1890 400 400
Social Welfare guide to child benefit in Ireland.

Death Benefit
Tel: 1890 927 770
Social Welfare guide to death benefit in Ireland.

Department of Education and Skills
Tel: 090 648 3600 (Athlone)
Tel: 01 889 6400 (Dublin)
Tel: 057 932 4300 (Tullamore)
Government department for education and skills in Ireland.

Department of Social Protection
Tel: 01 704 3000 (Ministers Office)
Government department for social services in Ireland.

Disability Allowance
Tel: 1890 927 770
Social Welfare guide to disability allowance in Ireland.

Free Travel For the Retired
Tel: 1890 500 000
Social Welfare guide to free travel for the retired in Ireland.

Garda Headquarters
Tel: 01 666 0000
An Garda Síochána – Ireland’s National Police Service.

Health Service Executive
Tel: 1890 200 893
Ireland’s public health services.

Household Benefits
Tel: 1890 500 000
Social Welfare guide to household benefits in Ireland.

Invalidity Pension
Tel: 1890 927 770
Social Welfare guide to invalidity pensions in Ireland.

Jobs Ireland
Tel: 1800 611 116
Dept of Social Protection job listings.

Legal Aid Board
Tel: 1890 615 200
Legal aid and advice service.

Living In Ireland
Tel: 01 873 2844
An integration guide for migrants living in Ireland.

Maternity Benefit
Tel: 1890 690 690
Social Welfare guide to maternity benefit in Ireland.

Medical Care Benefits
Tel: 1890 928 400
Social Welfare guide to medical care benefits in Ireland.

Mental Health Commission
Tel: 01 636 2400
Promoting, encouraging and fostering high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services

National Employment Rights Authority
Tel: 1890 808 090
Information on industrial relations & rights and obligations under Irish employment and equality legislation.

Office Of The Ombudsman
Tel: 1890 223 030
Examination of complaints from people who feel they have been unfairly treated by certain public bodies.

Office Of The Pensions Ombudsman
Tel: 01 647 1650
The Pensions Ombudsman investigates and decides complaints and disputes from individuals about their occupational pension schemes, Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) and Trust RACs.

One Parent Family Benefit
Tel: Contact your local Social Welfare Office
Social Welfare guide to one parent family benefit in Ireland.

Property Registration Authority
Tel: 0761 001610
Property ownership – land registry, registry of deeds and ground rents.

Tel: Contact your local revenue office
Irish tax and customs.

Social Welfare Appeals Office
Tel: 1890 747 434
Independent of the Department of Social Protection, an accessible appeals service for entitlement to social welfare payments.

State Pensions
Tel: 1890 500 000
Social Welfare guide to state pensions.

Widow, Widower, Civil Partner Pensions
Tel: 1890 500 000
Social Welfare guide to widow, widower, civil partner state pensions.


British Irish Chamber of Commerce
Incorporated in August 2011, a not for profit membership based organisation, its mission is to use its offices and activities to increase British-Irish business and investments and be an effective voice for its members and the British-Irish community as a whole.

Comhaltas London and Southern Region
Promoting traditional Irish music and Culture around the world.

Federation of Irish Societies
A national umbrella organisation which draws together Irish clubs and societies in Britain. It promotes the interests of Irish people through community care, education, culture and arts, youth and sports activities and information provision.

Irish Cultural Centre
The Irish Cultural Centre (Hammersmith) – Ireland’s best traditional and contemporary musicians, Irish film programmes, literary events, theatre shows and art exhibitions.

Irish Heritage UK
Promoting Irish arts and culture in Britain.

Irish In Britain (Facebook page)
Sharing news, stories and events from the Irish community in Britain.

Irish Post
A weekly newspaper for the Irish in Britain.

London Irish Business Society
A forum for Irish business professionals to network and share ideas.

London Irish Centre
Supporting the needs of thousands of new Irish emigrants in London.

London Irish Graduate Network
For those who are new to the capital, LIGN can help you build your network of like minded ambitious, young Irish men and women in London.

London Irish Network
A wide range of social activities with opportunities to meet new friends and widen social networks.

The Ireland Funds (GB)
“A philanthropic network that supports worthy causes in Ireland and around the world. Dedicated to supporting programs of peace and reconciliation, arts and culture, education and community development throughout the island of Ireland.

Womens Irish Network
Bringing together women of Irish nationality and their friends.