WELCOME TO UKIrish.com – news and events for 2nd generation Irish brought up in the UK and now living in Ireland, and also for Irish people who have lived in the UK and since returned home.

We hear much debate about the Irish Diaspora and the thousands who left in recent years and times gone by. We do not hear, however, much about those who came back, or indeed their children, and who now live in Ireland.

Unlike the emigrants who went to the United States, Canada, Australia and other far-off places, those who emigrated to the UK had more opportunity to maintain links and return to Ireland with their offspring for annual holidays and other family gatherings. Children of Irish emigrants in the UK consequently grew up straddling two cultures, as indeed have those born in Ireland who went to live in the UK and are now back home.

UKIrish brings those shared experiences together. If you would like to join one of our events, are organising an event yourself, or are aware of any that would be of interest to our visitors please get in touch.